Occupational Safety and Health


Occupational Safety and Health

 Occupational safety and health is a very important science aimed at protecting factory workers and work facilities from potential accidents that may cause injuries to the worker or death of God, as well as damage or damage to the property of the establishment. This science is rooted in several standards and requirements that must be followed to maintain our safety and safety around us. For everyone, it means that it is everyone’s responsibility and solidarity to live in a safe and reassuring work environment.

The safety and health of the professional in all areas of life, when you deal with example: with electricity and household appliances is not necessary to follow the requirements of public safety and must read the manual in the devices to be used when dealing with electricity and also when driving in your car will not dispense with following the rules of traffic safety, Signs, requiring all of the vehicle to attach the seat belt, adhere to the speed limit), safety is always (first).


General Safety Steps

 During work and not to underestimate the importance of the need to use protective equipment and personal safety *

* The need to provide a first aid box in the workplace to deal with minor injuries quickly.

* The need to keep chemical substances and flammable materials away from places where workers are gathering as a real threat to factories, facilities and workers.

* The need to activate the concept of occupational safety within the factories and facilities by creating a supervisor for occupational safety to follow up the safety requirements that will limit many accidents.

* The need to focus on raising the readiness of workers in factories and facilities by carrying out exercises that will provide them with sufficient expertise in how to evacuate and deal with incidents as they occur.

* The need to maintain coordination between the owners of factories or those with them with the civil defense system for occupational safety and health and the concerned bodies by holding courses for supervisors of work and workers, which aims to provide a safe working environment for all.

* The need to work on the issuance of leaflets, posters and posters periodically and keep abreast of developments in the work environment in the field of public safety, where these publications are necessary and important to educate employees and raise awareness of them and thus reduce injuries in the work environment.

The general objectives pursued by occupational safety and health

Protect the human element from injuries caused by the hazards of the work environment by preventing their exposure to accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.

Maintaining the components of the physical component of the installations and the equipment and equipment they contain from damage and loss as a result of accidents.

Provide and implement all occupational safety and health requirements that ensure a safe environment for the prevention of risks to the human and material components.

Occupational Safety and Health aims to establish safety and security in the hearts of workers while doing their job and to reduce the anxiety and panic attacks they face as they live by the necessities of life with tools, materials and machines that lay between them the danger to their lives and under unsafe conditions, And so be safety.



Methods help you train and develop six employees

The areas of training and development of people are much more valuable now. The importance of investing in this area is also a consensus in the business world.

If you have a company or people working with you, you should know that following the training helps you coordinate employees according to business objectives. This type of empowerment ensures that everyone follows the logical path and the same line of action in a company.

All of this contributes to business success and professionalism, since it makes everyone know exactly what they must do to reach the desired results.

For this reason, companies that do not pay attention to the subject of training and development of workers in their strategies, they lose time, money and space in the market .. And work on a safe environment and make a suitable opportunity to acquire the goal.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to contribute to improving the performance of those who work with you, read this post.

We will show you 6 methods to develop a program to train and develop employees in your own company.

In addition, we will offer you all our work and safety and make a safe environment. Field – field of training.


Training -1

Training is a short-term process. It is applied to modify the behaviors of employees, to ensure the acquisition of skills and to identify rules and concepts important for the implementation of the tasks required in the work.

In most companies, training is applied only when new workers arrive, so that they learn their tasks and understand the culture of the company.

However, it is essential to extend the application of training on other occasions within the organization. This is how staff information is constantly updated and ready to deal with challenges in the work environment.

Development -2

Development is a broader and longer-term process.

Development in constantly improving the skills of staff, the skills of leaders and managers, increases their motivation. As well as transforming them into more valuable members of the Organization.

In addition, professional growth is not the only focus, but also personal growth. This is why training is more relevant to experience, satisfaction and professional practice.

Methods of training and development of employees

There are several methods designed to train and develop employees you can apply in your company each of us works better when there is a specific goal. It is therefore essential that you familiarize yourself with the options before applying them to your business.

If you want to prepare a course on training and development, it is important for you to know how to differentiate between each method to choose the method that best fits your style of education.

Organizational Training 1

Organizational training empowers the entire company, with a view to better organizing strategies and improving results.

Training can be done through lectures,

Workshops and even in the form of online courses

The important thing is to develop an effective way of conveying the necessary information so that employees learn something new and can apply it at work.

Good communication -2

The weakness of a company is often the difficulty of communication between managers, leaders and employees.

Knowing how to communicate and speak in a clear, purposeful and respectful manner is essential to creating a climate of interaction and exchange of knowledge between people.

It is common not to perform tasks because of a lack of understanding of the rules or because of a lack of dialogue among the employees involved.

 Training Leaders 3

As the name suggests, this training is directed at corporate leaders.

– The people responsible for leading a department or team of the organization regardless of the field – need to take care of many areas, and for this reason bear enormous responsibility.

– Leaders need to lead teams, solve emerging internal problems, make decisions, deploy best practices … More importantly, leaders should be motivated and inspired by other employees.

Did you realize why investing in training these people is so important?

– Training leaders in improving their people management skills, dealing with conflicts, as well as managing time. Also managing goals and critical thinking.







Catalyst training 4

All of us are exposed to traffic in situations of lack of motivation in work, lack of spirit of activity and traffic in case of poor productivity at work.

This may occur for personal issues or business climate factors such as:

– problems in relations with colleagues and leaders;

Routine activities performed in a single rhythm;

Lack of sense of compatibility and connection with tasks assigned to employees;

Expect little growth … and so on.


Before implementing any motivational training program, it is important that you perform a diagnosis within the company to know exactly what is causing this absence in motivating employees. So it becomes much easier to set up an appropriate and correct strategy to solve problems.

Some of the techniques that help you motivate your teams are:

– Case study;

Application of employee feedback policies;

Preparation of rehabilitation courses for areas where there is lack of interest due to lack of guidance or lack of understanding of activities;

– Develop programs that talk about benefits and rewards.

 Skills and Skills Development 5

Efficiency is a set of behaviors, skills and knowledge that a person needs to carry out his activities and work well.

To develop competencies in the company, you must first identify the necessary competencies required to do any job in the company.

Individual competencies should be identified to find out where competency should be used, and where the employees have an appropriate performance or performance above average.

This study allows the company to determine the type of content that training should include in order to make the covered employees apply all the required competencies in their work.


Group Counseling Corporate Coaching-6

Another way to invest in employee training and development is to follow the group mentoring method.

Through the use of coaching techniques and techniques, the technology seeks individual and collective development of individuals in an organization by focusing on the development of a successful, highly performing team linked to improved results.

The person in charge of corporate guidance in the company coordinates the strategic planning of the organization with the individual goals of the employees.

The process is based on the understanding that: motivated, qualified employees who feel they are already part of the company have higher opportunities to achieve the desired results.


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